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6 months 1 week ago #44 by grainesdeweb
Hi "Righthemes Team" !

I bought your great Oscar Joomla template and I really love it :)

I need your help for two little things.

1 ) About your feature-box shortcodes with Dropcap and image, I can not write properly the right link to image. In your demo quickstart package, the path is with your http address. Would you explain to me how to write the good path to see my image please ? (look at my attachment)

2 ) On this link on your demo site , you propose an header example with logo on center and the menu just below. Is it possible to apply this header on all the site ? With sticky header too ?

Thanks a lot by advance for your reply
Best regards


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6 months 1 week ago #45 by lee_le
Dear Philippe,
Thank you for your purchased Oscar Joomla Template.
I would like to answer 2 your questions follow as:

1) It is easy to understand 'Link of Images' for all shortcodes: The first thing, we highly recommended you install 'quickstart demo' first, and you should based on 'demo site' and follow structure, content, blocks, etc.. for new your site.
In joomla administrator backend, please go to Content --> Articles, and select 'Shortcodes' at Categories Filter (Please take a look: ), it will show all articles of sample shortcodes, and now you try to open the article with name is 'Features Box', you will see:

img=' ' (Please take a look: ).

In this example, we are using absolute path, you also can use relative path: img='/images/shortcodes/feature_box/feature_image_1.jpg'

2 ) Yes, sure ! You can use header-2 on all the site: Please go to Extensions --> Templates --> Styles, and choose rt_oscar - Style 2 is 'default ', please take a look this image ( )

With sticky header: We will update this option in version 1.5. It is truly a good idea, thank you for your suggestions. IF you can't wait until next version release, you also can follow this guide:

Let me know if I can assign anything else,
Thanks and Regards,

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6 months 11 hours ago #46 by grainesdeweb
Hi Lee,

Thank you for your replies.

I understood why it did not work. I had correctly installed the demo site but I worked in localhost.....and links to images do not work in localhost. I reinstalled everything on a web server and everything works perfectly !

Best regards
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